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damson picking

September 22, 2010
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Went damson picking this morning with the energetic loafonline and picked c.10 kg in 1.5 hours without really moving from the single stretch of trees. We have plans to make both jam and cheese, but will have plenty available if anyone wanted to get in touch.

There is still so much more on these trees, and we probably left an easy kilo on the ground with probably 30 kg beyond the reach of our ladders. By the way, this is loafonline’s original tip of what can be found there, and everything still seems readily available. The damsons are pretty much where the marker is on the map below.

Went via one of abundancebrum’s usual apple haunts on the return journey, and while there remains quite a few on the trees, our heart fell at how many had already gone to waste. These are excellent eaters, and we picked an easy 5kg, available for those that want some. Just drop us a line.


calling all fruit spies

September 9, 2010

are you aware of fruit trees near you that are never picked? have you spotted a laden apple or pear tree in your neighbour’s back garden? have you seen damson or plum trees heaving over someone’s fence? if so, we need your help…

we have started being more proactive about owners of trees on private property, asking whether they would like us to pop round and help them use their fruit. if you know of someone with a fruit tree, or even if you have a tree yourself, please help us spread the word, and ask tree owners you know with surplus fruit to get in touch with us via

first trial picking

August 16, 2010
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went to check on the two plums and one apple that were briefly spotted last Friday only to discover that one of the plums was actually a tiny red apple with pink flesh, one of the plums wasn’t anything, and the apple tree was a few weeks off ripe and difficult to access.

however, turned down a road on instinct, and discovered two laden trees of small red eaters, and one laden tree of small green eaters. no ladders meant only a token amount picked, but early-September will be perfect. for those interested, there was also a large cooking apple tree, and many, many sloe trees down this way.

then came @gabba’s tip which is great. as there will not be an opportunity to get to Solihull before early-September, any pictures, tree heights, or ripeness notes sent through beforehand would be welcomed.

check up two

August 11, 2010

did the rounds of local fruit trees checking on progress, and even picked a kilo of blackberries for personal use.

also, to my surpise, we finally found the mystery raspberry canes that had been mentioned to me years ago by stumbling over them – sadly season was over, but next year we’ll make jam

check up one

July 19, 2010

spent some of today doing an initial check of the apple and plum trees I’m already aware of. Also good to see so many blackberries on their way.